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Port City Logistics bringing 75 new jobs to Wilmington, $16

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – The governor’s office announced Aug. 2 that Port City Logistics would be expanding to Wilmington. Per the official release, the Savannah-based logistics company currently has 14 distribution centers around the country; Wilmington will become its newest addition as a transload facility for international deliveries.

A performance-based grant from the One North Carolina Fund will assist the company’s move to Wilmington. The $112,000 grant will only be awarded once Port City Logistics meets job criterion and capital investment targets. One NC grants also require matching participation from local governments.

“We are delighted to welcome Port City Logistics to New Hanover County, North Carolina,” said Gov. Roy Cooper. “When companies are ready to connect with global markets, they are drawn to our state because of our workforce, excellent transportation network, and attractive quality of life.”

Before beginning operations in New Hanover County, Port City Logistics will invest $16 million into constructing a 150,000 square foot, high velocity transload facility at the Port of Wilmington. With the new facility, the company is expected to bring 75 new jobs to the area.

“I mean, you look at GE when they declared us the nuclear headquarters of the world so many years ago, but coming here back in the early 70s, Coring came here, DuPont across the river, and the multiple companies come here since then, recognizing that we are a great place to work, live and play,” said New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield.

The 75 new jobs will offer an average salary of $65,000 per year.

“$65,000 a year is a pretty darn good salary. It’s definitely above our average salary for the county. But it also can provide a multitude of different types of jobs. You know, it’s pretty much job diversity. You know, not everyone can work at the PPD or at NCino, or GE, but finding ways we can bring, like, National Gypsum back to our community,” Barfield said.

“North Carolina is within a day’s drive of nearly half of the United States population,” said N.C. Commerce Secretary Machelle Baker Sanders. “Among many supply chain advantages, our efficient deep water ports along the eastern seaboard and experienced workforce ensure that logistics companies can thrive while implementing its growth strategies.”

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