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ARTOTEK HVAC products feature the latest in technology, materials, and construction. Our radiators are comparable to their OE counterparts, down to the material of construction. Select units feature all-aluminum designs that are similar to the OE.  ARTOTEK aluminum condensers provide the latest in OE-comparable designs, from 5mm Parallel Flow to integrated Transmission Oil Coolers.  


ARTOTEK Cooling Fan Assemblies feature the extended line of unitized assembly units, combining fan, shroud and motor in the replacement unit. This reduces the hassle of disassembly and re-assembly of the shroud and blades.  ARTOTEK blower assemblies features the same unitied drop-in fit with the latest brushless and control unit technology.  Every effort has been made to bring to our customers the best combination of quality and value in our HVAC products.  Our efforts have made our products achieve higher customer satisfaction, with lower product warranty rates.


⦁ Designed and manufactured to be similar in function and performance of the Original Equipment

⦁ Precise aluminum core cooling area calculation to ensure optimum cooling

⦁ 100% tested for leaks in water bath prior to leaving factory

Dual O-Ring design in side Transmission Oil Cooler Fittings to ensure tight seal *

Additional ribs designed into plastic tanks for better rigidity and longevity *

Bridge Clips within in selected tubes to relief excessive pressure and extend longevity * 

Additional header plates to prevent cracking in high pressure areas * 

Additional crimp strips on the header plates to increase core rigidity * 


⦁ All condensers are 100% leak-tested prior to leaving factory

⦁ Advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to match the 5mm Parallel Flow Condenser design in the latest OE applications

Select applications feature integrated transmission oil coolers which serve dual function of condenser and transmission oil cooler *

Precise brazing process, using Nitrogen to ensure superior binding strength of the core tubes and fins


⦁ Plastic fan shrouds molded from premium polyamide plastics that provide support and high heat resistance.

⦁ Featuring OE-like brushless motor designs in many late model applications

Equipped with control modules that enable variable fan speeds depending on engine temperature *

Precision-molded cooling rotationally balanced fan blades


⦁ Precision-molded plastic ring cages for better rotational performance

⦁ Noise tested to ensure quiet operation for passenger comfort 

Featuring OE-like brushless motor designs in many late model applications *

Premium grade plastics form the frame that are designed to support the weight of the motor

* select applications