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At Saab we share a mission; to keep people and society safe. Whether building a submarine, marketing a fighter jet, or engineering cyber security solutions, everyone at Saab is making a positive contribution. In a complex and unpredictable world, we all work to make people feel safer. Join us and belong with a real sense of purpose.

Saab Life

Saab is home to a dedicated and competent group of people who get inspired by working at the forefront of technology and by sharing the same belief; that it’s a human right to feel safe. Together we find innovative solutions to complex problems. That is stimulating work! In a growing, ever more diverse company, we work in a collaborative and nurturing environment, where everyone is encouraged to explore their full potential.

Meet our people

Saab has employees in over 30 countries all over the world, all with different responsibilities, backgrounds and reasons for why they want to be working here. The best way to get to know Saab and what life here is like, is to hear it directly from them.

Assignment: To develop the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft

In his daily work at Saab, Axel has access to a Gripen simulator where he can test his own software and outside his office window, he often hears Gripen taking off, but, according to him, the daily problem solving is even more exciting…

Angelica Keeps Track of both Friends and Foes

Angelica has a background in economics, but she currently develops the high-tech system that, together with one the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft: Gripen, differentiates friends from foes in the air. And that’s basically all she’s permitted to say about it…

Andreas works with the coolest product Sweden has ever made

Andreas is originally from Värmland in Sweden, but moved to Linköping and joined Saab five years ago. The move and start at Saab is something he will never regret, since every day he gets to work with, in his own words, “undoubtedly one of the coolest products that

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Many of our student offers cover new areas, where you as a student will face fascinating challenges that can be of big importance for the company. We offer an stimulating and inspiring environment and great opportunities for you future career.

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